Last train to transcendental

Barbed wireSpent the week, nose to the grind trying to write a report about Diabetes. Even traded in my much loved part time days to spend more time in the office, but the report’s still not done, and Monday, the final day of writing, is looking increasingly like the grand final of the Krypton Factor.

Can’t keep my mind on the text. Wanting to evaluate, but the mind keeps spinning off into new directions. Thinking about more than organisational development – the whole vagueries of human behaviour, all mapped out in little bits that I keep catching site of, trying to write it down and see the whole thing come back slightly differently again. Wanting to crack jokes and jump up on tables. Could well be the final swan-song of a consultant gone bad, but trying to remember that I need this job. That a dive into full-time freelance work promises nothing, but improverished scraping around.

On the plus side would like to say that I have written 15,000 words in 5 days. No mean feat and one to show that uni students have it easy. I laugh at their paltry dissertation word counts. Also have been pushing away at the Frankie Wedge website, nearly finished for so many months, but not quite…. Too much busyness and higher priorities had left it sitting on the shelf, but no more. I figured that the best route to instantly cheering myself up was to finish it and will see if that works this weekend. It’s so close to being done my brain hurts and my fingers tingle. Got to stop writing this stuff, take a quick run round the block and then move quickly for the final frontier.

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  1. Karin says:

    Hey – keep at it, I’m with you in spirit, and I know you’re doing a fab job. I bet you’re thinking I planned to swan off on an extended holiday just when it got tough in the office. Totally agree on the student essay thing – I can’t believe I used to struggle to write 3000 for an essay. Do you think it means we are vaguely more interested in what we are currently writing about – seems odd, but I don’t know what other potential rationales there are.

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