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rummy-confused.jpgI need some advice. I feel that my time in Spain is not going exactly according to plan, and I feel some rather strong swift action is needed. If anyone feels they are in a position to offer a comment, please feel free.

The whole point of me being here is to learn Spanish. However, although I am improving, I feel it is going far too slowly and that I will not be fluent if I continue to improve at this rate, within a year, my deadline. I work 4 days a week in English, pretty much the whole day, and the other three I have free. I am living with people who can speak English. I need to do something to improve quickly, unfortunately, going to parties often does not help, as often I can’t understand anything – too fast. I need patience.

I feel I have several options:
Leave Madrid – there are lots of people who speak English here.
Leave my current flat – same reason.
Spend more on lessons – private conversational lessons to get up to speed.
Take almost my entire allowance of holiday in one go – and spend all the time engrossing myself in Spanish.

I just need to make that jump from knowing the theory and grammar to being quick enough to understand and speak at the same time.

Any suggestions, votes for options, etc. welcome.

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  1. Karin says:

    Win work for Matrix in Spain and then you can conduct your 4 days a week working in Spannish.

  2. breakingstein says:

    hmmm… I have a feeling that that is a bit of a chicken/egg paradox.

  3. Groover says:

    I reckon you should pack up your old kit bag and head into the mountains to lead a secluded and monastic life with the hill people. You will return with an accent which is both regional and incomprehensible. Seriously, I think one way or another the truth lies somewhere between option one and two, but comprehending that much movement for myself terrifies me, so best of luck and all that.

  4. breakingstein says:

    Why is it that that baboon with the t-shirt looks exactly like you Mr.Groover???

  5. Groover says:

    Because he is my gravatar, my spirit guide and my bestest drinking companion.

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