Why is bolo?

Bolo is a collection of mates, acquaintances, artists, and people we bump into on the way, putting down their thoughts on stuff they want to write about. It is intended to be a way to get a disparate group of animals to share ideas, come up with collaborations and generally push on the purpose of quitting the day job and spending the days sipping chilled beverages.

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Why did bolo start?

It’s hard to say. Bolo is lots of things to a lot of people. We did not start it, but a group of us found it at one time and others are learning it elsewhere.

This web version of bolo can be traced back to a series of letters sent by a few angry and crazy people writing to each other after an enforced exile. Writing and receiving them was good, but the bureaucracy of stamping and posting and the compulsion to communicate in full sentences sent that the way of all things governed by the lazy…….. until now.

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The serious bit

The opinions expressed on this website are the sole responsibility of the authors. Most of the content is fictional and any similarity to persons living or dead is coincidental. This site is intended for a mature audience and is based around irreverance, exploring writing styles and sensationalising experiences. Any malice interpreted is usually the result of an overactive imagination rather than the intent to cause trouble.

Additionally, bolo cannot accept any liability for any insensitive comments which appear from time to time. We do our best to edit and/or remove any inappropriate material. If you are upset by the content of a post and wish to discuss this directly, please send an email to bolo.

All this said, if your really are a menace, you may well expect to be berated. Vive la bolo!