cheekyHave spent the last month on a sales rinseout, attempting, and surprisingly succeeding in convincing the world and his wife that they want me and my crack (should that be cracked?) team to build them a new shiny website. Find myself trotting round like a wide-boy, in suit with the big shoulders, talking about accessibility standards, a fresh outlook and expanded sales activity. A strange role to find myself in, but predominantly positive I feel. The upshot is that with a bit of luck and a good prevailing wind, the rent should be getting paid up to Christmas and beyond and more importantly (whisper it mind), the company looks increasingly capable of standing on its own two feet.

Strange to for the first time in my life to have something employment wise to nurture that I love very much. Something that makes me feel like doing overtime (often to the expense of health and keeping in contact with friends). A bright shining jewel of creativity, and bolo work ethic (ie no mission statement, no vision and values and no hierarchy), fuelled by inebriation, optimism and occasionally glimpsed epiphanies of what could be. Cheesy I know, but hey it’s a good cheese. A fine stilton or perhaps a pack of mini babybels.

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