Not much

Arch-Angel FigroyNot much posting going on at the moment, but lots of thinking. Spend day trying to keep face on screen and hands on keyboard, but look up oblivious ten minutes later to find myself thinking about women, destiny, and how little time there is to gain a proper understanding of either of them, while smoking out the window. That slightly flaky feeling that the whole thing might reach up and send me spinning down onto the vegetated concrete floor of the path leading up to my house. Hoping that if that happens it knocks some sense into me rather than a spike or a left over bit of glass from our last trip to casualty.

Only other news I suppose is that me old mucker Tom laid on a good pub crawl on Saturday, where I succeeded in my aim of drinking heavily without heading towards the point of annihilation. Felt good to be exchanging words without a slur and pulling dance moves without a subsequent leap on to the tables. Progress of a sort, I think.

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