Ape faceThe clocks went back this weekend and as a result I feel fully justified in rocking up late to work today blaming trains and jet lag. The weekend spiralled off kaleidoscopically again and I was left searching for good websites, viewing satellite maps of mine and my mates’ houses and carrying out essential database maintenance. Nothing like a bit of late night tomfoolery to force you to sleep in late then get up on a retail frenzy. Quick, buy something for mothers day and wow, those trainers are nice. Look, they have interchangeable colours for the 3-stripe. Essential to buy them. A must have.

Meanwhile, I guess down the road, Kember, newly rescued by the SAS, was chilling back into his Pinner lifestyle. Putting on the god-robes and up early on a Sunday to church and then off to film Wogan. Open a few hospitals on the way home. Early morning press calls must beat piss baths and threats of beheading. Still, they don’t beat sleeping and that’s what I was doing.

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