About to head off for a meeting with one of my clients to talk about some final changes to their website. Not too worried about that as the website looks super good and the changes should be ok. More worried about the fact that behind the scenes, my chief database man has gone totally AWOL, can’t track him down for love nor money. Am due to deliver the project in about one week and he’s disappeared off the face of this earth. Needless to say, I can’t finish the project without him and my stress levels are rising……So Rick (name changed for legal reasons), you animal. If you are out there give me a call.

On other matters, went to a gig last night where there were a number of up and coming bands. Some good tunes in there amidst the dross, posing and current obsession with suit wearing in your leisure time, and the chandelier clad venue added to the effect. So just wanted to put out a shout to the Veils and My Latest Novel, who both rocked in their respective way.

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