The taxman cometh…and he’s bilious

That corpulent, slobbering, perma-perspiring, imminently-dead-on-his-arse-from heart disease wreck of an MM02¬†fat cat and the new mega-money head of HM Revenue & Custard David ‘Reg’ Varney has in what appears to be a masterstroke of motivational therapy transformed the attitude of the entire working population of this country. If you didn’t know it already you are now ‘customers’ of the Revenue – implying of course that you are now willing participants in the trade between yourselves and us scumbags in bowler hats (you bring your custom in the form of a percentage of your hard-earned cash and in return we happily give you crap public services and botched trials of badly-made weapons in deserts). In your previous incarnation as ‘taxpayers’, apparently, all you did was pay tax. Expect all your lives to be that bit brighter, however, as one edict from the twenty-cake-a-day hole tells his employees (to be renamed meet-and-greet shop assistants) to aim to ‘delight the customer’. Hands up who is delighted to pay tax…….

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