On a train again

Yes indeed and this time it’s on the way back from a day of harsh accusations mixed with light banter mixed with warm compliments over a table in yet another blue carpeted office. A strange mix of sensations, but not one that was unexpected given my client’s well known proclivity for schizophrenic reaction to minor issues and blase demeanour to the serious. Seems like this time we were mainly in the good books though.

Now just feeling knackered and contemplating the long journey home on the GNER super bullet train. Actually scratch that, lets call it a supper bullet train given that a dude with a chef’s hat just popped round and ran through the gourmet fish fare available from the restaurant car today. “and of course sir” he said, “people in first class are offered the first sitting to ensure that they get the freshest and most choice cuts”. First class travel again eh and the Groover feels like he is going up in the world. Delusions of grandeur, and maybe could get used to this. Even the dude clicking your ticket says thank you sir and wishes you a good trip. On the way up here the train had to stop for a bit to correct a minor fault. When we asked the guard what time the train would now be getting in as we had a connecting train at Newcastle he phoned ahead and got them to delay that train by a couple of minutes and went off to tell the driver to go a bit faster. Something tells me this wouldn’t happen to the plebeians. Ah well fuck the polo shirted pricks sitting around me. I had to get up at half five in the morning and surely that deserves a chance to see how the other half lives?

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