Now, I’m not into internet snooping or checking out where people have been on the web, perhaps because I’m afraid of finding something particularly repugnant. Fortunately though, an ex-colleague of mine does not share the same scruples. Whilst using another colleague’s pc, a brief click of the ‘historique’ icon revealed a hudred weight of smut (nieve pc-wise). Nothing sinister, quite innocent searches really “sex”, “girls”, “hot-plating skeets” etc. As this guy is very much an upstanding gent, and quite high up, we did find it funny. Handshakes also became an issue.

Anyway, I was using said PC today and had a problem with the mouse. When I lifted it up to see what was wrong, I noticed the brand of the mouse – it’s a Disney “THRASHER” ! Could it have taken control of him, forced him into his thrashtastic ways? Like a Herbie for wankers ?

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