Holiday Wastage

circle of idiotsI’m reminded of the bit at the start of the 1st Unkle album, where there’s the quote that goes something along the lines of:

“they had too many resources, too much money, and little by little, they went insane.”

Christmas holiday is always a little bit like that. A savage trek from family brandy filled social gathering, then down to the pub for a few pints followed by a couple of flaming sambucas as they’re calling last orders and then onto the nearest rented accommodation for the obligatory round of marootas and a bit of fist shaking at the moon. After the first few days I was struck down by some form of toilet based illness, temporarily prevented from consumption. Fortunately, once this subsided, I’ve been back eating as much cake as possible and seeing how many varieties of cheese I can cram into a pitta bread. Good to put some weight on for once and to see the summer’s exhaustion / turmoil generated weight loss get replaced ready for the new year’s ravages.

Am still trying to hit lots of webdesign deadlines, still on overlooked tasks like sorting out my car insurance and finally cleaning my suburban mansion up so that your feet don’t stick to the floor. All this has delayed my trip writing efforts most disgracefully, and I can only pray that tomorrow, rising with a beer clogged head again, I will sit down to get through the accounts I owe. Not least, I need to get them down so I can stop trying to remember all this stuff, get on with planning the new year campaigns, run up the flag and get going. The ‘game is afoot’ as Holmes may or may not have been misquoted as saying.

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  1. Bennie says:

    Yes mate. Nice voicemail today :
    “Fraghhhhhhhh! Happy New Year You Fucker”.
    I’m taking it as a good omen for the year to come. The post-modern equivalent of a distant thunder clap….”you fucker….you fucker…you fucker… fucker”.

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