spiral of doomIn response to Kuga Flak – the new house is looking pretty good. Gourmet meals cooked up on state of the art equipment, including a toaster that scans your bread, slowly drags it into it’s nutrinium powered furnace, cooks it for exactly the right time, to make sure it is properly toasted (but with not a hint of burning), and then slowly pushes it back up at you. “Suits you sir.”

I wash my clothes, hang them out on the line. Bring them in dry a few hours later, smelling lemon fresh. I go to bed by half twelve and I rise to a bowl of coco pops, a glass of juice and an apple for the way to work. I had a few weeks off the herbal rice cakes, did some new things and tried to walk a minimum of three miles a day.

But today doom is in my heart. I knew my temporary feeling of optimism was a dangerous thing and announcing it, even for the sake of posterity, was a foolish mistake – I suppose a little like the self congratulatory stupidity described in Bennie’s post. Suffice to say, today I am back to shaking my fist at the sky, staring out at the rain tipping down and wishing I did not know of concepts like ‘pathetic fallacy’. A pox on these skull-monkeys. That’s it, the final straw.

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  1. Bennie says:

    It’s time to take the power back Groover. I suggest arming yourself with all manner of shiny designer kitchen implements from your new pad and heading out to hunt the wheel of fortuna. Make the doom work for you today – take up arms! It is God’s will. “He who walketh in the light must pack some Ikea steel” (gospel of Ulrik, catalogue 25, Spring edition).

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