Come on down

Spinal chordYes peeps. Charging through another week like a Rhinoceros moving towards a lone sunbather. The bank-holiday weekend whipped by in a blur of sleeping the day, waking up begrudgingly to the afternoon, trying to survive the night and then back again at the keyboard in the small hours, trying to click straight and resist the urge to go browsing for animal porn (joke). The Saturday night in particular deserves some note although to be honest I don’t really want to go there. It’s still a bit fresh in my jaded brain and I’d really rather one of the other participating members of the Bolo community picked up on it, but perhaps it’s worth making a few observations before I forget some of the thoughts that seemed important to document at the time. Six in the morning and you’re worrying about finding a bit of paper, a blunt pencil and trying not to fall over while your handwriting spirals all over the page. This is the life of a blogateer or a boloteer or something. Perhaps just a fiend – but a retiring fiend I think. It’s time to lay off some things methinks because on Saturday I:

1. Reconsidered the mysteries of the universe, the meaning of life, the relationship between the self and society and how to look through the floor to the other world within (whoa man).
2. Decided which animals I could take on in a one on one fight and then worked out in detail how best to incapacitate a dangerous and potentially life-threatening emperor penguin.
3. Contemplated how the world would be if the digestion process was approximately reversed – don’t ask.
4. Thought of a fair few commercial uses of glo-sticks.
5. Realised that the visual perspective of distance was not an absolute concept.

Definitely time to retire……

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