Leeds (pt 2)

Off to Leeds again tomorrow in an attempt to relive the high level of amusement, drunkeness and mortal terror experienced on the last trip. Nothing quite like shooting up the motorways on a hot Saturday afternoon armed with the latest tunes and a pack of silver rizla. Then decend on Steedo for a prolonged burst of sarcasm and the danger of being coated to within an inch of your life.

Sunday off to the Across the Tracks music festival which promises to update my knowledge of up and coming bands now that I spend too much time in an office and not enough time loafing in bars chatting to musos. It’s been a rough couple of months and maybe a holiday is just what’s needed to put things right again. If not, at least we can just animalise our selves and do our best to properly represent the cru in intent, action and inebriation.

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  1. Steedo says:

    Its gonna be excellent. Sunshine, tunes and inebriation.
    Someone will get “coated to within an inch of their life” its merely a question of whom. Stay tuned…

  2. Groover says:

    Still feeling the effects and hunched over the keyboard firing out social emails when I should be putting together spreadsheets. Pain in legs from incessant dancing. Pain in back from sleeping on floor and pain in brain from limited sleep. Oh yes, one more. Pain in wallet from getting clamped by a gangster in Steedo’s car park.

    Another good trip. Roll on the 11th and my birthday….. Much respect to Schlo Mo (or something), Rodney P and of course, mini-P. Nuff respect – y’heard?

  3. Steedo says:


    Big up to Shlomo, Rodney P, mini-P and attractive waitresses who can’t do maths. You earned your pennies.

    A future of woe to fat car clampers. You contributed nothing and mugged us off.

  4. Groover says:

    mmm I’m still thinking about the waitresses and cursing that fat bastard. I hope he’s crashed and burned by now.

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