Compelled to go rummaging through the archives today. The parents are shortly due to sell the family mansion and all of a sudden the happily ignored boxes of school work, correspondance, knick knacks and tat need to be decamped forthwith.

‘Get round here and throw a load of stuff out’ they requested and I attended duly obliged by the promise of a home-made curry and a couple of beverages.

Still, digging through the archives was a tough one. Cataloguing the evidence of the last 29 years, from happy birthday you’re 3 today cards to anguished correspondence from a collection of the finest post-uni reprobates. Essays on Jane Austen books mixed in with old photos, gig tickets, railcards, and scribbled notes. Essentially a catalogue of everything that had meant something to me, and that I felt I might want to see again. I felt most strongly reminded of the jokes caught, the trouble caused and the hearts broken along the way.

So needless to say, though I tried to be ruthless, I am now the proud possessor of one more box in my overcrammed flat. I am leafing through letters from co-conspirators, considering some retrospective re-publishing and of course, strongly contemplating whether it all went wrong or right.

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  1. Bennie says:

    Yes mate, keep the trinkets, the tat and the correspondence from crazed fiends. These things will soon become precious as Facebook ensures the rise of virtual trinkets, tat and crazed correspondence. I have a similar load of stuff to sort through myself, with the added complication of it being in a different country to me. Wine festival over here at the end of June by the way, possibly the best time to visit the city and the worst time to get a hotel. Worth considering though. Take it easy. I will sign off with the usual promise to write loads more on here in a few months…..

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