The good ship bolo chugs on

Yes, yes, collective audience of unmade acquaintences and Nigerian Spammers, rejoice, for Bolo is back. Although I did go through a really long spell of total blogapathy, I never stopped having a cheeky click on to bolo to see if any dubious gems of wisdom, outlandish rants or keen observations about the potential benefits of using Boris Johnson’s face as a urinal had been proffered up. This is just one of those corners of the web I would always come to. Therefore its absence due to legitimate bandwidth concerns and automated web plumbait fuc$ery left a bit of a gap. But let us rejoice this day, for the wait is over! And no doubt as a result of bolo our collective talents will soon be “discovered” by those in the know and we will all be fast-tracked to positions of extreme fulfillment within society as a whole.

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  1. Groover says:

    …. or set on fire and rolled down a hill in a barrel. Infinitely preferable to this humdrum workaday Ford Mondeo existence.

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