Bus Mutterings

I was on the bus with a colleague this morning. She’s just got back from a holiday in Krakow, Poland. The usual what did you get up to conversation ensued. Nothing to wake me from my bus dozy bus reverie, one ear on the tunes, oneear sacrificed to reality, until the conversation took an unexpected turn. It turns out her Dad spent quite a lot of time in markets, buying, from what I understand, a large collection of “cool” nazi paraphanelia, like letter openers and medals. This woke me up a bit and I couldn’t mask my shocked disdain for this weirdness. For the first time I was really in the conversation, rather than playing the part of good listener. “Why?” I asked, when I was told that the Welsh father had seriously considered paying 300 notes for a bar of Jewbone soap, or some equally repulsive item that any proud father of twin girls simply “must have”. The answer cleared everything up nicely; “Because it’s history, it’s GOOOOOD!”. I think I just nodded.

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  1. Groover says:

    I’ve got some nazi binoculars – innocent story – my Grandad smuggled them back from Flanders taken apart and preserved in oil in a load of jam jars. as some kind of ‘I whupped ze Germans’ memento after the war. Anyway, they’re seriously good binoculars, but you can’t really use them given the giant swastica tastefully etched on the back.

    For the record, it’s not GOOOOOD, it’s pretty damn sick, but enough of that now, I had best dash, my collection of Incan sacrifice skulls needs buffing….

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