No peeking

Hey you, no peeking! You know who you are….

To the rest of you, you will no doubt, be amazed/aghast/ashamed/delighted (delete as appropriate) to know that Bolo is now 2 years old. This means that while it is perfectly acceptable for bolo to run around shrieking, drink from a beaker and watch tellytubbies, the rest of you are old enough to know better. Here’s to another year of strange tales and happy accidents.

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  1. Mohamed says:

    thanx JW i think u r the best writer of all times i love your siotres the worst thing about my sister is my fav book because it is quite funny but sad at the same time thanx for answering the questions you r ace. ps i want to be a writer when i grow up i started writing a story got up to seven chapters and then lost it

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