Good things

ham sandwichMuch as I am a jaded soul, there are a range of small things that bring intense delight to my days. A few food based ones are:

Weetos – clearly the food of the gods. Great in both crunch and milk-softened form. Try heating your milk first for an insomniac snack that guarantees sleep.
Kool Aid – made from depleted uranium and enough sugar to make a small child’s head explode, but tastes so good.
Potato waffles – it’s got potato, it’s got air, it’s got enough crunchy greasiness to cure hangovers and nourish leanheads. Amazing with cheese and/or barbecue sauce.
Ham – amazing animal death based tastiness. Apply mustard and bread for maximum results

Well anyway, that’s enough Delia. I’m off to throw rocks at passing estate agents.

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  1. Coybag says:

    Mr. Figs from Chorleywood writes: “For an alternative flavour experience from your waffles, why not try cooking them from frozen in a toaster, then drizzling with a microwaved whole block of cheese, whilst wearing permanent marker all over your face”. Delish…

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