Had to have a nap this afternoon as I was up early to drive to Bicester and back. It was a good trip, and Crimpanort’s bag of paper prototypes seemed to go down well, but getting up early is totally offensive to me, so after we returned I staked out the sofa for forty winks.

Need to save energy because tomorrow Lurch is tying the proverbial knot. The day promises to be taxing because of the requirement to don a strange suit and do minor errands in the interests of keeping up the bonds of friendship and because of the inevitable onslaught of alcohol, high-jinx and dad-dancing that will no doubt ensue.

The first of my home crew to take the plunge, it all seems like an epic moment in the history of the group. A momentous occurrence of some note and not one without its peril. Lurch snapped his finger yesterday in an impromptu bout of wrestling with Davros. Sometime before that, after a dose of sambucca and champagne it was myself and Prubast that were trading insults. Shouting abuse in each others faces for a couple of minutes before thinking better of the whole thing and repairing home for a couple of maroots.

All in all, ominous rumblings, but not insurpassable. I feel another nap coming on so I better sign off wishing sunshine, providence, frankincence and all other good things, arrive conveniently at 13:00 tomorrow.

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  1. Bennie says:

    Ahhhh, well you’re on the right side of the fence as far as the do goes. Your mate’s going to have the cold sweats and a pulsating ring piece while you try and look serious then simply frolic in the booze and food laid on….but one day, yes, one day Grover, you’ll be dancing to that matrimonial beat so be sure sure to get good and shit faced at this one!

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