This is the end…

cat.jpgWell. How to broach a new subject after an onslaught of quite stunning reports from the front of insanity, after an apparently barbarous trip to the ‘dam. I, being a stranger to that collective experience will simply raise my current glass of scotch (am doing so now) and finish off the rest of the bottle in homage to these warriors of fortune.

My own personal trip is waning to a close and I can foresee several conclusions galloping from the horizon. I have been in Madrid on and off during the last year and have enjoyed it. I do, however, suffer the niggling feeling that I haven’t quite made enough of the experience. Responsibilities back home, working to survive, a troubled past and personality defects have probably all conspired against me.

But I shall not be the Forgotten Knight.

If there is a useful thing I seem to have learned in the past 27.8 years of life, it is that nothing worthwhile is ever finished, or even has a possible end. To finish something renders it part of the past and not worth thinking about anymore. Passe, old-hat, defunct. Desires, generally, are a fool’s mirage. This must be the point of all those muff-headed surfer monkeys constantly squealing “live in the NOW!” at anyone that will listen.

But that can be taken several ways. Living every moment in a hedonistic salubriousness surely will result in a Vanilla Ice-like nose-dive, the likes of which we can probably glimpse from the brief examples of all-out episodes described in the posts below. But perhaps there is another way… altogether more zen-like.

And that is what I may have learned on this voyage. The continuous drone of marketing, PR, hype and product placement that has assailed my ears since London sprogdom has ceased while I have been here. The materialistic and short-lived desires that characterise the capitalistic way of life have lost their power – and I am left, savouring the most normal and oft-repeated moments of friends, beer, smiles and laughter… each one perfectly formed and untouchable.

4 Responses

  1. Groover says:

    Does this mean you are back within the country Mr Breakingplates?

  2. breakingstein says:

    Not quite yet. But the time seems to be hastily approaching when I shall be back in that dull and wet wasteland.

  3. Groover says:

    It’s not so bad. Crack comes out my eyes as I gaze fondly at the windswept skys.

  4. breakingstein says:

    I don’t mean it really. I kinda miss the green-ness and the familiarity. Just not sure how long it will last through the british winter. I may have to spend xmas in bed.

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