Firstly, apologies for the paucity of posts on the good ship bolo of late. I am a shambling, buholic, webmaking shenanigan splicer, but that’s no excuse.

Got home today in a pretty good mood because whilst my branding meeting up in town had revealed some interesting setbacks, essentially everyone was happier on some of the other points than I had expected. I had also managed to save to disk, four and a half years worth of emails, contact details and calendar, so that put me on a logistical good footing, something I never expected or ever dreamed I would one day hope to achieve.

Then crisis. Round to Crimpacine’s to fill him in on the meeting, because he’d been laid up all day with the sickness and I made the foolish mistake of having a quick check of the email. One of my website’s key features was in the process of breaking down and I was to blame. This was to prompt a quick few hours leading up to now checking through queries, making some quick fixes and pondering carefully over the wording of an apologetic email. This activity was only punctuated by cups of tea, occasional marootage and most momentously by the surprise phone call from the bank to check whether I had recently placed a large bet in an online casino out in Arkansas. Funnily enough, the answer to this was in the negative, and the polite Indian call centre man I spoke to informed me that my credit card had been compromised. Some toerag was attempting a rinseout on me and I was much enraged.

Anyway, it was kind of alright, because apparently the card is covered for fraud, which is very nice indeed. Still, that was the kind of evening I’ve had and the weekend, god bless it’s ramshackle ways, can’t come soon enough…

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  1. breakingstein says:

    Well that must have been a bitch mr.groover. I think that would freak me out. It’s got to be one of everyone’s worst nightmares to be rinsed by a credit card fraudster. Lucky your covered. Have a drunk weekend.

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