Let’s talk Facebook

A conversation I had with a friend using GMail:

R:…facebook is shit and now i am sucked into it, I keep getting ‘news’ about people now i am best friends with [name deleted]

me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that sounds like hell

R: it’s not that bad. i just will disable emails i think, i don’t know why i do it really. i have a myspace too.

me: why?

R: i don’t know everybody’s doing it i thought it was cool and then one day i just realised it wasn’t fun anymore you know…

me: it’s not as if you have anything to add to the bollox that is the internet, and you don’t have any friends either except [name deleted]

R: [name deleted] IS my friend, maybe i will send him a little icon of a cake as a ‘gift’, it let’s you do that, facebook

me: can you actually do that?

R: cool.

me: how sad… I’m amazed

R: it is amazing.

me: that is a new level of pointless wankery in my book

R: [name deleted] has far more friends than me

me: [name deleted] doesn’t really have friends, he has social associates, business partners in life

R: have you met my associates?

me: what? no

R: i have none.

me: well that’s why then

R: hum.

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  1. Groover says:

    Ah yes, facebook, an exercise in proving how many people you may have met who want to prove how many people they have met. Still classic timewasting attraction draws me in and I too have found myself eagerly clicking on the ‘add friend’ button just like I do in Flickr and used to do in Myspace. I get the sneaking feeling that some of these things could be quite useful, but probably like crack, best kept to small doses.

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