scientology and the status of actors

What the fuck is scientology?
From what I can tell it involves cosmic battles and aliens and millions of tiny souls buried in your body, and strange handshakes and other weird shit… or is that freemasonry?

I’m sorry boloists, but I’m all het up again, and this time I’m feeling vulgar.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Beck. Scientologists. I like scientology, but that’s because I don’t really know what it is (I don’t think you are allowed to know until you have invested your life in it anyway) and I like science fiction books. Especially the crazy Philip K Dick ones about drugs and psychosis, and the Arthur C Clarke ones about octospiders.

But shit. Tom Cruise is an actor. He’s famous. He’s rich. Lots of normal people look at his picture and care about his shitty pointless life every day, wasting their time ‘reading’ Heat magazine/picture book. Why? What does he do? Oh yes… Now I see… he’s famous because he memorises (or attempts to memorise) words from a sheet of paper and pretends to be the people that are portrayed on those pieces of paper.

Well “Whoopee-the-fucking-doo-dah-shit-fuck!” isn’t that a worthwhile pursuit!

I hate the way we think we’re so clever and so many of us so obviously are not.
Fucking shitty society of ants.

Rant over.

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