On top of your game

sharkyI was up early this morning, splashing hot water on a pasty face and trying to prise eyelids open to enable putting on of trousers. Not easy.

Quick dose of training and then on to Moorgate for a branding meeting. Trepidation of a sort because we were armed only with expertly presented designs mounted on nice black card. Fortunately however, they received this offering in good spirits and we emerged, relieved and celebrating once again that the good train looked like it might just keep rolling.

Now, slumped over the keyboard again, long past when I should have been thinking human and decent thoughts like ‘quick bowl of cereal then off to bed eh chaps?’, but instead I was planning the beginnings of a novel, the ends of an email and thinking about my place in the universe again. Not really that helpful, but it kills the time.

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