jumpingI was plunged into horror after I realised that I had misplaced my camera. Out for the usual round of beverages and maroot action last night, I seemed to have lost the thing. I thought at first it was round the Crimpanort’s house, but a detailed search came up dry. Home was empty of camera looking items. A call to the cab office revealed that they too had seen nothing of the small shiny object.

I bopped upstairs to sulk for a few hours and forget about it by ploughing through some long overdue work. Then, just after consuming my curry and cursing myself for my inability to look after my precious possessions, the phone started ringing. It was Checkers, Pinner’s most legendary cab company. One of their drivers had handed in my belonging and all was well again. The relief was intense, not least because earlier on I had promised my mates that if I couldn’t find it, I was fully prepared to set myself on fire and run around screaming. Instead I was running round, thanking the gods that my drunken ineptitude had for once gone unpunished, and I haven’t come down since.

In other matters, I have to report that I think this is one of the most animal stories I have ever read. Good work crazy Slovenian swimming chappy.

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  1. Coybag says:

    Re: Mad Slovene. Yes. I think that the quote about the animals accepting him as one of their own pretty much sums it up. I think that that was the point of doing it. The human race just got too pussy for the poor chap. He got very close to calling his son Borat as well……

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