Happy snapping

duckNot sat down to write much on bolo of late, which is a shame. Lots of thoughts running round my head seeking semi-literate documentation, but very little room in the busy schedule to condense said contemplation into three to four logically structured passages.

There are two reasons for this: The first is that I am as ever it seems submerged by work. Beset in my day-job life by substance misuse supply assessment (don’t ask), and in my home life by substance misuse inspired website development (possibly do ask). Still furiously trying to head towards the great work departure in the sky and this week finally tied down a big contract that equals one half of my plan for the great escape. If I can get the other, the puzzle is complete and the great yonder calls. That’s a pretty big ‘if’, but feel pretty good about the karma of the whole thing because I think it was working myself into exhaustion on the proposal for the job that we’ve won that plunged me into sickness. It would have been a double pisser if all had been for naught.

The other reason I’ve not been writing much is that with the purchase of my new camera, I’ve been spending a fair bit of my lazy time running around snapping things, fiddling with the settings and annoying my friends with the constant flashing of the bulb. To date, I’ve shot well over 1000 pictures and about 1 of them has been half good, but the whole thing is strangely addictive. I’ve been putting them up on flickr, which truly is a wonderful website. One of those things that gets me really excited about this whole internet business and transcends all that marketing bullshit about web 2.0 and social networks. This means my flickr account is pretty much taking the place of the blog at the moment and the writing is suffering. I’ve long found that as one of my creative endeavours takes off, another declines. It’s either something to do with only having so many hours in the day, or only having so much creativity. It think it’s probably somewhere between the two, but basically conclude I’m happy enough as long as I’m messing around with something a bit more varied than a spreadsheet.

Clearly the answer to this conundrum is to blog my photos from flickr onto bolo. This is readily possible and in their wisdom, the good photographic techy people over there provide fully automated tools for doing it. However, the photos pop in looking pants cos I need to do a bit of styling within bolo to incorporate them properly and there’s no time for that not just yet. Tonight for example, I’ve got to clear some emails for those friendly HAC people, move the RSPCA site towards completion and start planning the mother of all contracts alluded to above. Over the weekend I’ve got to mix developing some legalistic terms of reference (might need some help on that Mr Steedo), with celebrating the good Prubast’s birthday and then next week has really got to see the start of the article for Bromley as well as some progress on the finely embroided world of Irish Linen. Phew, I think this potentially puts the overdue redevelopment of bolo back to April, along with the new Ech site (at this early stage looking like a shiny creation indeed), as I’ve got three and a half weeks off. It really can’t come soon enough, if you ask me.

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