Southern sweat and the mozzies of Dhoom

This must be a record short interval between posts for me on the good site, but I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to reassure the public of my continued good health (and naturally now I’ve done so, my impending tropical fever).

At present, I am sitting at the only computer outside of the range of a ceiling fan, in undoubtedly the sweatiest place I have ever been: Cochin, Kerala. Honestly, it’s torrents from every pore: like a comedy cartoon character that’s just been shot full of holes and then given a gallon of water to drink.

The other notable feature of Kerala is the population of mosquitoes – quite the most voracious cloud of cunts to have ever buzzed. Despite coating myself in poison nightly, I still manage to accumulate a good dotting of (presumably kamikaze mozzie) bites: one of which recently decided to go all tropical and turn into a two-inch pus-filled grape on my ankle. And then burst, soaking my sock and sending me into a flurry of sterile dressing and crepe bandage in true hypochondriac traveller style.

As for the rest of what I’ve seen of the South, that has no place on this site – it being friendly and beautiful and so on – far too many positives. Some time later I may rant about the Aussie moron complaining to her Mum back home about rickshaw prices, and so creating buzzing in my ear like one of those bastard insects, only with upturned sentences, y’know? But not now! Laters…

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  1. breakingstein says:

    I presume you are using the incredibly powerful and suitably toxic high-DEET content repelents? My god, kamikaze insects through that? You have no chance, they have made up their minds to die for their cause!

    Check this out for advice:

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