Technical woe

back to the pencilsYou know you’re reading something off t’internet, or perhaps the Telegraph going uber-hip for the kids, if the person is talking about hardware problems or trouble with their connection. Despite wanting to avoid these nerd-based traps, I can’t help but report that my life is currently blighted by a wireless internet box that flashes orange when it should flash green. Despite it’s stylish white leather jerkin look and ever rotating blue light that fools you into thinking it’s doing something clever, it’s not getting any web juice. This of course causes the wireless adapter in my laptop to flash red and that means no work.

Actually, more to the point, all this means a distinct lack of posts on bolo.

Oh well, hopefully the thing’ll start working again soon. Either that or I’m going to smash it up and become a lyrical bard writing out of Whitstable, espousing all forms of technology. No more phone calls from me. I’ll be communicating occasionally to a chosen few via carrier pigeon and riding through the streets on a Penny Farthing bicycle. I will doff my cap to strangers in the day, quoting adages to old gentleman and the bible to young children , while at night carrying out vigilante raids with my barber’s shears, snipping broadband cables and throwing bricks through cybercafé windows. Oh for the joy of it.

On other subjects, something in this article appealed to me.

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  1. ebles says:

    Yeah.. I’ve seen that link before.
    Pretty cool.

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