Season’s Greetings Dear Marunkers

father christmas mofoA couple of fast moving weeks since I got back from Madrid, hustling around trying to hit design deadlines before Christmas and trying to check as much email as possible at work. Came back pretty well rested, but after slipping easily back into my 5 hours a night sleep pattern, blazing the seasonal herbs and spending a few jaded evenings downing pints and catching night buses, it’s definitely nigh on time for a break again.

……and fortunately here it is. Christmas is here again, I’m outside of work, trying to get up before midday and contemplating getting through an indecent amount of beverages to mark the end of the week. Yes, tis the season to be festive. Kick shoppers out of your way, head into the nearest smoke filled (till July) establishment and test your mettle with a series of continental lagers, each one crammed full of evil chemicals designed to give you a headache and beat your womenfolk.

But I digress. I love Christmas. I love having some time to start redeveloping bolo and I love being able to spend all day sitting at my mate’s house, blazing maroots, drinking milky cups of tea and prognosticating about many high-risk, low-chance of success, plans for the future. After a tough year, that’s seen some pitiful lows and absolutely sublime highs, I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

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