Mid trip

In Swansea at the moment visiting the Knaggster and generally acting the goat. Soon to eat a steaming bowl of chilli then to head out into the cold night seeking beverages from strange locales, where they talk a bit funny and like nothing more than to load an innocent southener into a barrel and kick it down the hill while they chant “oggy oggy oggy”, or something to that effect. I intend to try to avoid this experience.

Other than that, conscious that I’ve got lots of writing to catch up with, not least the tales of last week’s excursion to Leeds, but that that has been delayed by a week of intense work busyness and now imminent drunkenness. Suffice to say, I do intend to do it, and am cursing any nuggets of wisdom from the trip that may fall by the wayside before I get the chance to get to a keyboard for any length of time. Ah well, such is life. The tale will be captured in the end.

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  1. Steedo says:

    Looking forward to how you encapsulate last weekend’s events…all in all it was quite an episode…

  2. breakingstein says:

    All in all it’s starting to look like your weekend in Madrid is unlikely to be quiet as well. It seems that next weekend is a holiday festival type thing!

  3. Groover says:

    Excellent. Doom on all sides is imminent. Especially for crack monkeys and plumbaits.

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