Bolo tour dates 2006

compassWell, what else can I say to the ranks of bolo, but a massive thanks. Thanks for responding to my call to action so vociferously. Not only for doing that, but also to do so with promises of rare ales, house parties and old-man pubs. Truly impressive.

Anyway, to make things clear and to document the intended trip for future generations, I thought I would outline the key elements of the plan. They are as follows:

24th November – Visit Steedo up in Leeds. Do best to keep it casual in the presence of legal types and crazed northern scumbags. Return after the weekend to one week of grind.
29th November – Finish work, jump on table. Kick swivel chair over, put bin on head and run around bumping into colleagues screaming.
30th December – Pack up troubles in old kit bag, replace missing break-light in car, jump in said vehicle and pump accelerator hell for leather till reaching Wales. Chill with Knaggs and see if I can survive without a beating for being a poncy southerner in the welsh badlands.
3rd December – Point the car due East and zoom towards Bob, fresh back from some kind of rams-legged cycle convention. Spend couple of days touring the birthplace of Margaret Thatcher, with local newshound celebrity.
5th December – Go home. Get some sleep, answer some emails etc and chill.
7th December – Fly out from Heathrow to see Breakingstein in Madrid. Spend few days trying to avoid being pickpocketed and scoping raven haired beauties. May pick up some culture, you never know.
10th December – Fly home. Feel extremely jaded.
13th (appropriately) December – Go back to work or decide to piss life up against wall in the name of art, good times and three-striped trainers, and head off on new mission.

Man, I can’t wait.

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  1. theunholynag says:

    Sounds like one hell of a trip; don’t forget my bucket of fish though.

  2. Coybag says:

    I wish you well in your mission, my son. Unfortunately, you will miss my leaving do, but I would never stand in the way of the noble crusade. If I don’t see you before then, rest assured that bolo will be taken further than ever before: as well as your tour, I can confirm that bolo will be taken to India. It seems there are internet cafes just about everywhere so the odd post shouldn’t be a problem. Yes blad!

  3. Groover says:

    Shame I’m missiong your night dude. Looking forward to Bolo hitting the asian market….

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