Moody Face

Not much to say at the current time. Still clean as a whistle and half hating, half loving the intense, angry person that I seem to be at the moment. Wrote this little rubbish poem the other morning about this girl I saw on the tube and I offer it up for your condemnation.

Hey moody face
Hair pulled back
But it can’t smooth that frown
Off your beautiful brow.

Are you angry cos of work?
The trains are late again
Is it the ozone layer?
Or something that means even more?

Jesus Christ, I’m going out of my mind
Looking at your moody face
I wouldn’t make you happier
If I could.

4 Responses

  1. breakingstein says:

    I must say, I particularly like the last stanza. Appreciation of beauty in a negative image is under-rated. I have met people who are happy all the time, and they invariably are boring and irritating cunts.

  2. Lah says:

    Breakingstein, are you the guy I’m looking for!?

  3. breakingstein says:

    err… yes!

  4. The Kuga says:

    I hate grinners, the little shitbags, long live the miserable gits.

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