Rules for life 9

#9 Never Congratulate Yourself. When you’re riding a bike in the rain in rush hour traffic and you do something stupid, like jump off a high pavement and land between two lanes of cars, never congratualte yourself. If you do, you’ll invariably end up making a complete tit of yourself or coming a croper from some old cake buying geezer opening the door to his merde infested Uno just in front of you. In fact, just to be on the safe side and because it makes sense, I reckon that Never Congratulate Yourself could be extended to cover life in general. Can you ever remember feeling pleased with yourself and then not being slapped back down very quickly ?

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  1. Groover says:

    Ah, the old ‘pride before a fall’ allegory manifested with simple brilliance.

    I congratulated myself last week, now I am plagued by self doubt, paranoia and madness – and I deserve it.

  2. […] But today doom is in my heart. I knew my temporary feeling of optimism was a dangerous thing and announcing it, even for the sake of posterity, was a foolish thing – I suppose a little like the self congratulatory stupidity described in Bennie’s post. Suffice to say, today I am back to shaking my fist at the sky, staring out at the rain tipping down and wishing I did not know of concepts like ‘pathetic fallacy’. A pox on these skull-monkeys. That’s it, the final straw. […]

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