Holy Carumba

Or words to that effect. Basically, just to say that Bolo broke yesterday, and I felt that wave of fear that only comes with unknown technological faults which you don’t know how to fix. Fortunately, a quick email to my amazing hosting provider Spoono, prompted a rapid response and all seems to be well again. As they told me “Lime was experiencing some issues with the /tmp partition filling up”. – Well of course, that old chestnut.

Anyway, on other news, apologies to those people who I said I’d sign up to Bolo, but haven’t. I am slack. Might do it today you never know your luck.

On other matters anyone know what to buy for my dad for his birthday? It’s on Thursday and I’m confused.

And finally, I just want to make a few observations: 1) it is dangerous to stay up late, get lean, play grand theft auto and go out driving. Fun though. 2) if you go to a petrol station on the same trip you will tend to over estimate your need for chocolate, crisps and expensive fruitdrinks. 3) The petrol station will be full of rude boys. 4) If you follow this pattern of behaviour for a week, you may collapse from exhaustion at the end of it, but you are more likely to just do no work.

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