On the incineration of colleagues

Work has been particularly tough lately. It’s not stress, time management or unrealistic demands – the enemy’s weapon of choice is simple boredom. When the mind is offered no decent fodder, or even the odd snack to be going on with, the background chat of an office can become very fucking irritating. Today’s topic was the current escalation in Israel. Now, I don’t profess by any means to be an expert on this subject, and as such I am not keen to discuss it by way of loose lipped clichés, half truths and confident, self-orientated monologues. Unfortunately I was alone in my abstention today. To further confound matters, the verbal attack was launched during the vulnerable 9-10 am period. A time when you can normally hope to have a couple of cups of tea, check your emails, doff your electronic cap and send a few hellos to those further afield. BUT NO MOTHERFUCKER, NOT TODAY. Today, you listen, bite your tongue and wonder if what you’re struggling not to say has any value anyway.

Damn you conscience, I’m sure these bastards should get both barrels all the time regardless. Then again, does anyone have decent conversation at work ? I think I’m just bored, to be honest. Maybe I should have my pet pig snout around the employment field for me and get the fuck out of this ultra dull dodge.

Sorry about the language – my mate was playing an old NWA album in his car the other day and I think the mutha fucka dun crept into my fockin dome piece, bitch.

Anyway, peace out fellow boloists – may you prosper at the expense of the plumbait powered proletariat masses. I’m off to Paris tomorrow for a long weekend – I’m sure the change of scene will be of benefit….

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