You’ve been Tango’d


I’ve not put a post up on Bolo yet, but I thought this had to be shared……..

Watch the advert… Personally I think it’s one of the greatest ads I’ve seen, almost as good as the original Sony one, but with much tastier fruit items. However, now the gays from Swansea Village are complaining about a bit of pulp messing up their streets?! Click on the petition at the bottom of the page to also find out that the local old people are now afraid to leave their houses, just in case there’s still some fruit hanging about in the air that hasn’t come down yet… Big up Tango for your fruity devastation tactics

2 Responses

  1. Groover says:

    Ingrates. 5 fruit a day, smashed or otherwise is very important.

  2. I must say that even though I enjoyed this wonderous piece of Cinematic History I felt it was sorely lacking in the smashing of the locals property and though there were some moments of fruit filled destruction, for the Residents to write such an over the top Letter of complaint there could have been so much more and the inclusion of a large fat orange man slapping people round the face will never cease to bring joy to the masses (and violence to our school’s).

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