ChavsReading a report saying that cannabis is the drug of choice for young disadvantaged white females. Strange feeling and vision of a load of girls poorly dressed, kitted out in Burberry, with the Reebok Classic, lycra, slicked back hair look. Girls smoking on weed like they used to smoke on cigarettes. Watching your weight while you watch Hollyoaks.

Shit man, what’s wrong with my generation? All hooked on dreams of clear skin, gourmet food and fifteen minute MTV videos. Every girl looks like a star and every man like Alf Garnett’s bastard nephew. Look at those pretty lips, man, did they use to glitter like that? Could they move like that? What’s the etiquette here?

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  1. Bennie says:

    Excellent work. Looking forward to rejoining the shiny-lipped, doped up, tabloid powered massive very soon. Linkage looking unlikely though. It’s all gotten a bit complicated.

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