Actually scratch that, maybe on a trip to Brighton you don’t need a classic convertible. You probably need a car that does not fire a bolt off its alternator somewhere on the way down, breaking down teasingly close to the city, in the middle of a 4 lane A-road, where you have to push the car to the side, getting abused by passing chavs and wheeled warriors – the type of people whose confidence grows while they are in their car and safely passing you in seconds at 50mph, so that they feel entitled, no compelled, to shout an obscenity, which you only catch the first syllable of as by then they’re gone down the road. Praise be for the AA and the benefits of a chilled disposition, when dealing with these kind of crises, but the upshot is that the trip to Brighton remains unfulfilled and must be reattempted soon, car with roof or no roof.

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