Charity call out

Coming down the stairs to answer the door, and Paps gets there first. I can’t see who it is as I descend, but I can see him waving his arms depreciatingly. It’s a charity lady, Christian Aid to be specific. She’s asking about the little plastic bag which was apparently dropped round at ours earlier in the week. “Have you seen it, dude” says Paps. “Nah”, I say laughing at the idea that I might know where anything might be in this house. “Well it’s ok says the lady, most people who lose the bag just give us some money anyway.” This time it’s Pap’s turn. “Nah” and he closes the door.

Christian Aid once knocked at my parents house when I was younger and when my Dad answered, and explained that they were not one of the charities that he gave to, the lady said “well, I hope your children die”. I for one, have never forgiven them.

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  1. BtotheBennie says:

    Nicely. Those charity chavs eh? I lke it when people ask you in the street ‘would you like to help children with cancer?’ ie – if you don’t stop and sheel out some wonga now, you might as well be putting your ciggie out in a cancer plagued child’s eye. very rarely managed the required ‘nah’ though….

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