Lock up your sequencers

Said Bonehead from Oasis and he meant it. Still, he probably only knew three chords and one of those was a C major. Personally, I quite like making music with sequencing software. It’s good to be as untalented as me and get to have command of a fifty piece orchestra and I’m not sure the real London Philharmonic would put up with the two hours of repeated play it takes me to get a drum break right or to pick the exact amount of echo to apply to the Marimba.

As you can see, the worst thing about sequencers is that they make you procrastinate. You have so many options on what sound you might achieve that sometimes you just get too lean and waste half a day worrying about whether you should go for flute sound 3 or 4. Mind you at the moment, I feel strange enough that I would quite happily throw a drum and bass break together with a distorted banjo and invent a new form of music called Formbyism. Or reverse a Celine Dion (sic?) loop and mix that in with a bit of Aphex Twin and Mungo Jerry. This is no time for proper tunes. I want freak tunes, acid noises and stomach emptying basses that allow me to stop listening to the noise of thought in my head and shake my bones in temporary peace. Silence is unpleasant.

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