No connection

Polar BearWell, I suppose the day had to come. The neighbours after months of contant unvigilance appear to have finally noticed that a large proportion of their bandwidth was being siphoned off by their near neighbours for the purposes of web creation and other subterfuge. It’s a shame and it puts an end to these late nights of thought gathering and is going to require an even more fiendish level of organisation. Write the code at home, do some other tasks and then zip off to Crimp’s house to upload them over a zoot or two thanks to the slow joys of dial up. Not such a bad discipline in a way though and to be honest I can’t really begrudge the neighbours for wanting to keep their connection to themselves. Still, where is the love these days?

On other matters, I suppose burdens like these are more easily brushed off after a weekend of wandering the countryside, staying away from plans of world domination and dealing with countryfolk with a smile on their face and a spring in their step. I suspect part of this cheerfulness may be down to their propensity to charge as much as they can in that part of the world for tea, cake and small museums last updated in the 1970. Still the few days was much joy, most of which I’m not going to chat about here, but suffice to say the Groover feels rested and ready to fight the good fight again. Thanks N.

Only other turd in the ointments to report are a parking ticket for drinking too much tea, a further bank fine tacked on to the one I paid for two months ago, presumably for my bank’s own amusement. Had to shout a bit about “how would you feel if I came round to your house and took your tv?” to get the guy on the phone to cancel that one. Jokers. Also work tomorrow. Clearly crack infested and a good chance of having to go to the North East this week, which lets face it is like being sent to prison. After a week off and a new mindset, strongly feel like telling these pokers where to push it, but then again one week to go now and then down to part time. At last you bastards at last.

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