sticky keys

Recently have taken to eating my lunch at my desk in the manner of fraught workaholics the world over. The upsides of this are that I get to do a bit of design stuff over lunch rather than talking to a load of degenerates about stuff that’s being covered before. The downsides are that my keyboard is becoming gunked with grumbs, mayonnaise and small chips of well-cooked bacon. I may eventually be able to wrap it in a baguette and attempt to donate it to a) a small child, b) a wandering beggar or c) a collector of gourmet computer peripherals.

Fortunately my company pays a guy to come in once every 6 months to scour our keyboards to a state of perfection. He has the tools for the job, makes a lot of money and is very glad of the fact that people eat at their desks.

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  1. Haystax says:

    Al Fresco to Al Desko.

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