Ok again

tortoiseSo in an effort to close down last week’s week of whinging I would like to proclaim that I spent pretty much the whole of yesterday sleeping, resting my head or moving slowly between bed and kitchen for drink and snacks. As a result I have emerged as a new man, ready once more to stay up late, fight the forces of darkness and generally be capable of speaking in words that go beyond a grunt. Praise be. To those involved in Friday night’s late night music inspired shenanigans I can only say, amusing times and positive thoughts sometimes come out of bad ideas. That’s pretty much as far as I’m prepared to go.

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  1. For anyone who was not present on Friday, do not panick it will be available to veiw shortly on http://www.figaroo.co.uk. And for those of you who were involved…………Spiderman, spiderman!!

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