Mobile phones with speakers

spaz ruders.jpgYou know – the kind that allow miniature rude boys to play the latest offering of one of a million possible talentless granny-touchers to everyone on the bus. Who invented them? The cunts who came up with this concept obviously don’t take public transport.

Even good tunes sound awful when piped through those little half watt speakers. And why the hell do the phone toters assume that everyone within a 10m radius wants to hear the latest MC Utah Plumbait track?

I reckon they just might drain the insular out of some commuter geezers. SMASH. STOMP. HA HA!

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  1. Groover says:

    Absolutely right. I get particularly amazed when the phone rings when it’s in their hand and they delay answering it for a bit so that they can wave their phone about for people to listen first.

    Incidentally very good work on the images. The one thing I would question is whether you have ‘inserted’ them as full images or thumbnails. Cos they are a little blurry could be the latter. To do em as full images, once you’ve uploaded them, you need to click on the image in the upload box and then change ‘using thumbnail’ to ‘using image’. Hope that isn’t greek and once again excellent work.

  2. Coybag says:

    Not normally competitive, but I will be the first in line to make sure that that tune is soon muffled by their rectal wall. I’m waiting for the mood to take me, though. Hope that someone who won’t finish the job doesn’t get there first!

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