From the dolldrums of a mind left fallow.

Indians.jpgThis is the sort of email an extemely bored mind produces, and I thought I’d throw it on the table for general inspection….names may have been changed for privacy or (Greek) comedy reasons.

Yes yes people !

Midweek uptown and we’re all screwed to our desks like so many pieces of
immovable McDonald’s furniture. Damn those Indians and their freakish
smoke signals, mine’s a Chicken Bhuna and a tin of elephant nad chutney
please govenor. Oh, and yes I want another pint every ten minutes and extra
rice to boot, even when I obviously still have plenty of both. We are good
lads mate.

I hate to harp on with an old tune, but I am, I’m afraid to say, bored out
of my increasingly mediocre tin pot of a mind. Still, comedy relief, in the
form of a certain Boy Mogley is arriving shortly, and we can both look
forward to a weekend of hard labour as, unbeknownst to him, we’re going to
be doing DIY 24/7. I’ve bought some cheap tools, a floodlight and enough
cheap whizz to animate a full home of geriatrics. It’s my plan to turn the Moguester
into a DIY crazed garage MC by next tuesday. Slice Busy and Blight, that’s
the sound of the Mogue on the mic, Hype!

Oh yes, shadow boxing with my own chod. Big up all the clagons in the house
! Shout outs going to the brown trout massive !

By the way Mogue, we have an unexpected +1 for Friday night. Pippa intended
to call a senior colleague by the name of Mike, but instead called a much
younger ex-colleague named Mike. She didn’t know what to say to him, so she
ended up inviting him round for beers on Friday, along with two other people
who I’d actually invited. Why run your own life when you can let your wife
do it for you ? Because then you’d choose what the feck happens, I suppose.
Stevo – it’s a special occasion, so if you could Fedex over a few of those
swan napkins you’re so fond of that would be appreciated.

From the dolldrums of a mind left fallow.

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  1. Groover says:

    This fellow sounds like the right sort of chap for bolo. In fact, given that I know who it is, I can’t think why I haven’t invited him already. Apologies to the anonymous emailer. Bennie can you facilitate/approbate/rennovate getting him to send me a username/password of suitable distinction.


  2. CurtisPaf says:

    Построить дом можно и своими руками. Но, сказать по правде – это не будет очень быстро, тем более, если у вас нет достаточного опыта. Ввиду отсутствия опыта дом будет строится медленно и возможно допущение определенных ошибок. Лучше доверить строительство профессионалам.

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