Man, this morning I was so tired I had to stop in the park for a little sit-down on the bench. I was so tired I slept through to two stations after my stop. My dreams were full of images of throwing tex-mex dip at strangers and climbing coastal paths. Definitely looking for an early night tonight.

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  1. Bennie says:

    Man, it’s a sign – dreams are not to be ignored. I suggest buying a few pots of salsa and finding a high window above a crowded street from which to spit the stuff….

  2. I would have to concur with the right honourable gentleman above, but not about “dreams are not to be ignored”, otherwise I would be off naked in the woods somewhere, fighting a load of big breasted Zomies and I don’t feel that a viable career move at present. I simply feel that you should go and throw pot’s of Dip at random strangers, doesn’t even really have to be Tex-mex, hell go wind and gather a plethera of sauce pots from your local McD (not BK as I feel their sauce is sub-standard). Enjoy, my Sauce throwing compadre’s!!!

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