skanky tactics

I recently had to cancel two credit cards due to some very chavy action in darkest Dover.  Given that I’ve lived abroad for nearly three years, that both cards were paid up and hadn’t been used in two years this should have been a simple task.  No easy clicking on the web to get such a thing done though – I had to go through the call centre and walk the plank of the auto-cued questions.  “Why did I want to cancel?  Was I unhappy with Egg Card and Morgan Stanley?  Had they not been good to me in times of need?  Offered support, propped me up?  Did I know that I would no longer to profit from my anniversary date, five month interest free balance transfers ?  That the prize draw was now closed to me ?  That Stacey from billing no longer promised to blow today’s 500th caller ? (me)”  I was confident in saying ‘no thanks’ to all these automated pleas, cockily dispatching their grubby-handed questions from my white collar….but the white became cream, the cream became grey, didn’t I need that balance transfer window, even in an irrelevant currency ?  And Stacey’s luscious, bought and paid for embrace ? Maybe….and that’s what I hate about these bastards – who does the research to forumulate the questions that ensare the endebted when they are trying to escape ?  They’ve made a science out of being swine.

Death to the capitalist pigs!  Long live whatever these fuckers don’t stand for.

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