The long and winding road

downs – due to a foolish error on my part and some bad design on my bank’s online service/ bad service on their phones, I have incurred a fine of £36 which the bank has refused to refund. In response, I have made a complaint on 3 grounds:

  1. Their phone line is rubbish and that’s why i used their online test of intellect (which admittedly, i promptly failed)
  2. they need to update their internet user interface to prevent innocent errors of this kind
  3. if they provided proper customer service, they would phone when this sort of thing happened and you could quickly sort out the problem and prevent the need for cheques to bounce and fines to be incurred

I also told them that I will be changing bank accounts – not because I am surprised by their treatment – but practicing the principle of ‘fairness’ “as you have taken £36 pounds off me, I consider it my absolute duty to take £36 off you”. I have also hatched a plan to make a few further phone calls and to make a further written complaint so that I can run up their eventual costs for dealing with this matter to at least £500. This may be a waste of my time and potentially sad, but I feel it’s important to prove to these swine that I will not be fkd with….

ups – just after the phone call with the bank, my associate rang me. His associate runs a pretty successful website company and likes our stuff and wants to work with us. He has agreed tentatively that he will pass on work that he needs support with. Our first two small projects for him should start tomorrow and obviously I’ve got my fingers well and truly crossed for this.

Is this karma? I don’t know.

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